So I Created My Life

I’ve magically come into so many pieces of clothing that I coveted that one day my homegirl/Goddess sister/co-witch who I discuss magic and manifestation with said, “You’ve got to start writing this stuff down.” And thus this project was birthed.

Sometimes it’s through very intentional, magical thinking and sometimes it’s just pure serendipity. Like the time I decided one day that I wanted a blue or black Polo baseball cap. I announced it to whoever was listening at work: “I want a Polo baseball hat.” Five hours later, on my way home from the office, I stumbled upon said- hat strewn on the sidewalk, a few buildings away from my apartment (I laundered it). It was blue. Which supports a theory I have-when we want something, there is power in your words and you should use them. It’s good to “set your intention” and pray but if you say it out loud, I think the vibration is stronger. 

Then there was the time I regrettably gave away this leather and brass feather pendant. I loved that pendant, but a girlfriend admired it so much that I gave it to her. I immediately felt the pang of losing it but told myself, “it will come back to you.” The universe has laws and this is one of them. You gave and so you will get back. I searched for it on ebay but it was too expensive, like in the hundreds, so I decided to just let it magically arrive in whatever way it saw fit. A week later, I found the very same pendant in a vintage store in Brooklyn. I spent about 10 bucks on it.


One day I decided to really get organized about what and how I might best manifest. I made two to-do lists: One for myself and one for the universe (I can’t take credit for this idea-Read “Ask and It Is Given,” a classic book on manifesting by Esther and Jerry Hicks). Because the act of creation is a two-part process: ASK for what you want from your higher power and intend it through prayer/spells/conversations with Goddess and then be in a place of expecting and receiving. Feel that it is yours before it is yours. Because this is an emotional universe that operates on feelings.

So here are my lists:

to do – ME
Brush up on Italian
Cut back on candy

Keep me in the flow of well-being
Bring me a work promotion
Deliver me a Chanel bag

There were more items on the list but you get the gist. “The flow of well-being” is an expression I read that more or less means you encounter serendipity and good luck wherever you go. You’re in flow. And I threw Chanel in for fun. Because making this list is really just playtime. Why not ask for the holy grail? You have nothing to lose! I imagined what I might wear it with, where I might take it. I’ve been wanting to go to Polo Bar, wouldn’t it be fun to take my new Chanel bag? I realize this is all so silly, but that’s the point. This is your creative time and no one needs to know anything unless you blog about it. 

So I did my part. I meditated on getting more out of my job. I cut back on sweets. I listened to Italian radio. And in my meditations and daydreams, I would imagine my boss delivering the news of my promotion, and celebrating with my quilted Chanel bag at Polo Bar. 

About a week after I made that list, my sister texted. “Pere (her husband) gave me a new Chanel. Do you want my old one?”

About 6 months later, I got that promotion.

Was I being kept in the flow of well-being? I guess that’s a pretty intangible wish, subject to debate. But with my new bag and promotion I feel like it’s safe to say that I am.

I’ve since then gone back and made a list of all the things I’ve manifested and in parenthesis, noted how long it took for them to manifest. It’s an interesting exercise and I recommend trying it. Patterns pop out. What strikes me is that the less important the wish (Chanel bag, feather pendant, just…stuff), the quicker it’s delivered. But jobs and people that I have wanted, those took anywhere from six months to ten years. I think there’s a lesson in there. When it really matters-when we’re talking about the stuff that really counts and not just a bag-we have to exercise patience in the universe bringing to us what we ask. And trust that it will be delivered to us when the time or way is right and not necessarily when or how we want it. Be patient, do your part, ask and it is given.


“My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.” -Coco Chanel

4 thoughts on “So I Created My Life”

  1. After reading this, I’m left with a few questions, young Popesca. 1) What if what I ask for never comes? Would you say to that situation, that I’ve been especially blessed, as I’ve had more time to learn about patience than those who do receive what they ask for? 2) Material phenomena seems especially “trackable,” but what if what I most passionately ask for is a value or a non-material occurrence? Will I be able to have as much assurance that I’ve been heard by the spiritual as I would if I asked for an object and indeed that object appeared? 3) Have you considered the possibility that you are especially blessed? Seriously. We’re not all equal. Life is not fair. Perhaps you’ve been psychically clued-in? 4) And finally, what if we had to type out our conversations henceforth instead of ever again grabbing one? Let’s get one before the Christian occasion.

    1. 1. Sometimes you not getting what you want is actually in the end you getting what is best. Do you remember that Australian I was so in love with who in the end rejected me? I later learned he was a douche and also saw that he appeared in my life for another reason-as a catalyst for leaving my current boyfriend and lesson to teach me that I needed to be alone. Although at the time I thought he is what I wanted. I also do find that the longer it takes to obtain what I want, the more abundance I feel. And I think in the meantime, I’ve collected more reasons that explain the postponement. C. (my ex) and I talk about how happy we are that we dated ten years after we began to have feelings for each other. A lot happened in that decade to make us a better match and make us the people we needed to be to be together.
      I am hard-pressed to think of things I haven’t gotten that I wish I still wish I had. But I think I have a faith. “Whatever is happening to you is happening for you,” says Oprah (ha). I have faith that there’s a reason for the not getting, even if I don’t ever learn it. We don’t have all the information about the workings of the universe at our disposal.
      2. I think awareness and recognition of the little serendipities that life brings us beget more serendipity. So yes, I think a spiritual leaning helps. But the mystics say that the laws of the universe are operating with or without your approval/awareness/blessing.
      3. See #2. Think that applies. I’m not “blessed,” I just practice consciousness/awareness and I think that promotes blessedness. I don’t know what “luck” is. I think it’s right place/right time, which is what serendipity is. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. The only way I am “blessed” is that I was in the right place at the right time to be clued in to this wisdom. We all have access to wisdom/universal truth.
      Life was unfair to Chanel. She was born into poverty and neglect and raised an orphan. And look at the life she created for herself.
      4. Agreed!

      1. Building off of your #3, can we say that an increased consciousness concerning mystical matters makes one more likely to be an apt universe pilot? Where does an increased consciousness come from, which is to say, how do we get better at noticing the right stuff? It’s interesting that you brought up the word luck; it’s a toughie. It seems like most of the vocabulary surrounding this subject has positive connotations (serendipity, magical thinking, creation, etc.) but luck can be bad, and it appears regardless of an individual’s actions; or seemingly regardless, I suppose. What the hell is luck?

        1. Consciousness increases when you are aware of being aware. Awareness is self-perpetuating. When you learn that the universe is made up of symbols and clues that support the path you’re on, then that knowledge is enough for you to expand and be in flow.
          I don’t know what luck is. I think it’s a kind of weak way of explaining that like attracts like. When you are operating at a lower frequency, you draw more of that low energy. Like the proverbial story of getting up on the wrong side of the bed and a shitty day follows-on some level we understand that we make a decision to “pilot” our life for the better or for the worse. No one would consciously want the worst for themselves but actually a lot of the mystics argue that we draw circumstances that energetically match our interior. One of my favorite mystics, Stuart Wilde, addresses this concept in Miracles . Anyway, I think acting according to these laws of attraction is not a bad way to be. There’s no harm in creating as much positivity as we can in our world.

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