The Fisherman Sweater

The Aran fisherman sweater-a deceptively simple piece of clothing that is actually steeped in Irish lore and symbolism. Named after the Aran Islands, it was knit for local fishermen primarily to keep them warm at sea. But it’s complex patterning performed a deeper purpose, as knitters stitched designs that functioned as charms and spells as well as an indicator of local clan. The Tree of Life is one of the original patterns, and is unique to the earliest examples of the Aran knitwear. It reflects the importance of the clan, with branches to represent long-lived parents and strong children. The honeycomb is a symbol of the hardworking bee, the lattice or basket stitch symbolizes a bountiful catch, and the diamond pattern is a symbol of wealth. The cable stitch, resembling a rope, represents safety at sea or the fisherman’s life itself-something always in jeopardy, as he often lost his life to the waters. The unique design in his sweater helped identify his body.

The sweater has since then become a perennial staple and has seen many classic moments since its birth on the British Isles so long ago.

The Gold Tooth

In color symbolism, gold is steeped in powerful associations and meanings. While silver stands for the hidden, subconscious energies of the moon, gold has solar qualities that support active, worldly power and drive. It’s extraverted and conscious. We wear gold to show wealth. It’s an intentional display of our wish to dominate. It’s not about private, personal power but about worldly.

So after so many years of doing self-work/consciousness work, I recently decided to get a gold tooth. It was time to let the world know I was ready to reveal the person that I had become. This was not an ego-driven exercise-this ornament was meant to signal to the universe that I was now relating my personal power to the outside world in a way that served mankind. To carve out a place in humanity. It was no longer about sitting at home alone with my meditations and books and mantras but finally applying those tools I had been accumulating to connecting with others.

A funny thing happened when I got it-I’ve entered an energy of attraction. People have started picking up what I’m putting out creatively and energetically. Without even really trying, I’m beginning to draw. My art has started selling. My professional/creative hero has started calling on me. Dreams are getting fulfilled. The tooth gets noticed, at least once a day, among both strangers and friends/acquaintances alike. There’s usually an element of surprise. Why would this relatively innocent-looking girl (I’m small, usually in braids) be making this sort of fashion statement? What is this fashion statement? People usually can’t figure it out but interest is peaked. 

Of course it I can’t say for sure if my new tooth has attracting power or if it subconsciously causes me to behave as if it does. Maybe it gives me more confidence. But I like to think it supports my dreams and intentions with a little magic. And at the end of the day, that’s what we hope dress and adornment does. When worn with intention, it helps take us to where we want to go.