The Mythology of the Necklace

Mythologically speaking, the necklace is a mark of the Goddess, enhancing her beauty and broadcasting her fertility in so many chiming beads, shells, or coins. It encircles her as if to assert her station in the universe and dominion over man. Its shine and shimmer holds special attraction to the beholder, as anything illuminated suggests magic.

To lose her necklace is to lose her power and beauty. In Game of Thrones, Melisandre takes hers off to reveal her aged and ugly true form.

Shamans, priests and priestesses of the ancient world would take on attributes of a totem animal by wearing its teeth, bones or feathers. Shiva the Destroyer’s garland of skulls points to his authority over the cycle of life.

A necklace contains divine unity or wholeness. Its many components strung together as one denote unification of many. The breaking of a necklace may be a separation from the self and a psychic sense of primordial chaos.

A necklace connects the head and the heart, suggesting a balance of the faculties. It is associated with the parts of the body it covers and signs of the zodiac that correspond. Cancer rules the chest and Taurus the neck – which also has astrological associations with sex. To play with one’s necklace can suggest sexual invitation or foreplay.

In dream symbolism, to find a necklace is to tap into your higher self while to misplace one is to lose sight of who you are in this world, adrift in the sea of the subconscious.