The Occult Power of Chanel

Like so many designers, Chanel had a penchant for the occult. If you look at this under the lense of her unmatched legacy, it comes as no surprise that a woman responsible for the most powerful and recognizable brand the worldover had a little help from the universe.

Born an orphan wishing for more luck in this life, her magical leanings were always there. She lived in a time where you were forced to do whatever you could to change your lot. So when it came time to create her aspirational and mythological fashion world, she made creative decisions aligned with her beliefs in the power of a symbol, sign system or insignia. Details that conferred social power imbued her products with magic that would support the success of her brand: royal insignia or emblems such as the lions’ heads (also her zodiac sign); medals, imperial jewels and pearls, which would go on to become her signature; sacred geometry, like the octagonal shape of her perfume bottle stopper (the Place Vendome shares the same shape); She also famously employed lucky talisman like the four leaf clover, the wheat motif (a symbol for prosperity) and number five in her designs, an ever-present language embedded in the DNA of the brand.

But it was her double CC’s that guaranteed her name as the most cached symbol in fashion and arguably contemporary society. The hypnotic effect of the this logo is intentional and steeped in mystical tradition. The ancient symbol of the vesica piscis, or “vulva of the goddess,” (the interlocking of two circles creating a middle section to resemble a fish, or vulva) is another example of sacred geometry that Chanel utilized in such a powerful and aesthetic way.

Chanel’s creation of her brand was really an act of a single great spell. As a loner who wove her own destiny, she should be an inspiration to all of us manifesters. And maybe to wear a Chanel piece, we are not only dressing aspirationally for the luxury that it stands for, but for the magic behind the double “C.”

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